Bitcoin Cash big in Switzerland

The regulated Swiss financial services company Värdex Suisse, which offers PoS services, crypto ATMs and much more, recently announced Bitcoin Cash Integration.

In a tweet published on Tuesday, the company announced: "Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is now online and available at all our machines". The company has already achieved some remarkable things, such as operating most crypto ATMs in Switzerland. On the website you can find 26 locations for crypto ATMs, mainly in big cities like Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lucerne or Lausanne.

Even though the company has already offered transactions with the three well-known crypto currencies Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), each coin is more a step in the right direction.

About the company

Värdex Suisse AG (originally Bitcoin Suisse AG), which has been operating independently since 2017, was founded with the aim of satisfying the high demand in the retail sector. Värdex is a member of the Association for Quality Assurance in Financial Services (VQF) and part of the Crypto Valley Community in Zug.

The company, which describes itself as the largest financially regulated blockchain and PoS network provider, is coming closer and closer to its vision of making the purchase and sale of digital currencies as easy as at a normal ATM through a number of partnerships.

The company recently partnered with Liechtenstein Post to offer a crypto-exchange service. On 15 February, Liechtenstein Post AG announced that it had launched Bitcoin sales at its post offices in the capital Vaduz. The press release states: "In search of new business opportunities, Liechtensteinische Post AG has decided to offer the Crypto-Exchange Service".

Swiss pride

Because Switzerland has always been very open and positive about blockchain technology and crypto currencies in the past, it has become a popular crypto-friendly environment for scene companies. The Swiss Crypto-Valley Zug has seen massive growth in recent years. Approximately 750 companies, including those from neighbouring Liechtenstein, are based in Zug.

The activity of crypto-related services offered in Switzerland is increasing, which is not least due to the business-friendly framework conditions such as regulations. The payment and vending services offered offer the general public a secure and simple way of approaching the topic of "crypto currencies".

According to the data provided on CoinATM radar, there are currently 51 crypto ATMs in Switzerland, of which more than half now also accept transactions with Bitcoin cash.

The number of crypto ATMs that support Bitcoin Cash is constantly on the rise, with around 350 on the European continent. The USA is miles ahead of our continent with a proud 1,200 BCH-accepting ATMs.

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