Kulturakademie Dresden (Academy of Medicine)

Society for social and cultural education, non-profit limited company

is a non-profit organisation with the aim of further training, adaptation and additional qualification of doctors and medical staff, employees of social services, pedagogues, first-aiders.

In particular, we carry out further training courses for immigrant doctors, further training courses for immigrant nurses, seminars to prepare immigrant doctors for the equivalence or knowledge level test and specialist language courses for immigrant doctors and medical staff.

Our services also include nationally recognized radiation protection courses for doctors and medical staff, additional qualifications in curative education, first-aid training and first-aid training.

We work together with the employment agencies / job centers / municipalities throughout Germany, with the state offices in Saxony, the European Social Fund, the Saxony Accident Insurance Fund, the employers' liability insurance associations, hospitals and other authorities and institutions. 

The Kulturakademie Dresden works according to a management system and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 QMS.

The Kulturakademie Dresden is a certified educational institution according to the law of employment promotion (AZWV). 

The courses for immigrant doctors (adaptation training courses and exam preparation courses) as well as the courses for immigrant nurses and nurses, including specialist language courses, are also certified according to AZWV.

Our services

We offer you the following advanced training courses: 

Adaptation training for immigrant doctors (third countries), including preparation for the knowledge examination.

Since 1995, more than 1000 immigrant doctors have taken part or are still taking part in our one-year adaptation training courses. These courses consist of 6 months theory and 6 months practical training. During the 6-month theoretical part, our course participants are prepared for the internship and the so-called knowledge test. 

We help our course participants in the search for the internship place, the contractual agreement of the internship and visit them during the 6-month internship. Of course, we also support course participants in their search for accommodation in Dresden.

With these courses we guarantee a placement rate of over 92% and since 2002 we have also been preparing immigrant doctors for the so-called equivalence or knowledge test.

Furthermore, we prepare our participants for the specialist language test at the State Medical Chambers, as well as for the language test telc Deutsch B2/C1 Medizin.

Seminars to prepare immigrant doctors for the equivalence or knowledge level test

For many years the Kulturakademie Dresden has been offering these so-called examination preparation courses. More than 1200 doctors from all federal states have already attended these courses and send us a message after passing the exam. We have learned that more than 96% of our course participants pass the exam. The examination takes place in the respective federal state of the course participant. Based on the information provided by the graduates from the individual federal states, we can constantly adapt the course contents. 

We support our course participants

Since the first graduates of the annual courses as well as those of the preparatory courses have been subject to the equivalence or knowledge level test, the Kulturakademie Dresden has received information about the results and the contents of these examinations.

The failure rate of our graduates in the above mentioned exam is below 4%. Each new course participant receives the collected information of the examination contents from his or her federal state.

The lecturers of the Kulturakademie Dresden have developed a special exam preparation material that only course participants of the Kulturakademie receive. Participants of the exam preparation courses receive the material before the course begins. The material is adapted to the current medical knowledge and the contents of the equivalence or knowledge test.

We use the location Dresden with its special offers for physicians and medical personnel like German Hygiene Museum, medical libraries, Saxon State Medical Chamber, events of the different clinics like conferences, lectures, physician days, open days and of course the well trained, experienced and especially with immigrated physicians and medical personnel available in Dresden.

More about Kulturakademie Dresden and the medical programme: http://www.kulturakademie-dresden.de/